Authentic Movement

Tuesdays, 6-8 pm with Rebecca deGraw

Authentic movement is a contemplative practice of allowing and following self-directed movement.  Movers turn their attention inward, often with eyes closed, while the space is held by at least one witness. From a place of deep listening, movers explore inner impulses, spontaneous gestures, movement and stillness.  Witnesses observe and track inner responses to share with the mover. Reflecting observations occurs in a non-judging way. Self-reflection can occur in writing and art journals.   Please join us on Tuesdays from 6-8:00 to honor our embodied wisdom. Wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring your personal journal. Simple materials will be available to share. 

$15 drop-in or $60 for 5 classes   Registration is required for this on-going class. 

Contact Rebecca at with questions or for more information.  

Rebecca deGraw is a board certified Dance/Movement Therapist who has worked with people of all ages for over 25 years. She is passionate about the healing and spiritual power of movement, creativity, ritual and play.

Class participants share:

"Rebecca provides a grounded, open, and neutral space to explore, witness and clarify one's personal journey through movement. She is responsive to students, recognizing that together we create our container. Coming to her classes is like a breath of fresh air held lovingly in the atmosphere of our great mother earth - both freeing and protected at the same time. She naturally cultivates a deep level of trust which allows students to move what needs to be moved and share what needs to be shared. Each class has held an element of transformation, sometimes light and sometimes bold - whatever seems to be needed on the next step of the journey." - Summer 

"Such profound work we all do and so effortlessly!" - L.S.

"Authentic Movement with Rebecca informs my body, speech and mind/spirit.  Her wise and gentle care makes for a relaxed class in which I feel safe to explore any which way of expressing myself with dance.  It is such a gift to move again!  It had been decades since I allowed myself to even try creative dance.  Heartfelt thanks; I learned so much about myself and myself in relation with others." - M.M.