Baila Bilingüe

Wednesdays, 10:30-11:15 am & Thursdays, 4:00-4:45 pm

Heron Alicia Dance and Fitness

(360) 318-6468

$40 for 4-week session OR 

$12 for drop-in class OR 

$135 for 15-week discount punch card (good for 1 year)

Let me know if you are interested in signing your kid up! Discounts available for low income families and families with multiple kids who would like to sign up. Contact Heron for low income scholarship information!!

Class Description

Baila Bilingue is a kids’ class that provides dance and movement activities in a fun, welcoming, attentive, and energetic environment. It is catered to kiddos ages 2-6, and the two main focuses will be language retention and dance! I, Heron Alicia, will be speaking in fluent Spanish AND English and providing appropriate vocabulary lists for families wishing to practice specific words at home. It is likely that we will have more English speakers than Spanish speakers, so we will focus more on learning Spanish vocabulary. Moving to music and practicing basic dance movements for joy, strength and coordination will be an asset to many kids wanting to learn Spanish vocabulary more quickly. It will also be a physical benefit, as being active regularly does wonders for your body and mind! As you may know, a melody or a movement paired with the exposure to language vocabulary or study material can increase the likelihood of retention, along with plenty of practice! In my experience, simply being around the language was what truly helped me to learn it. This class will provide a little window into some lovely language learning possibilities! I hope to see you and/or your kiddo there!

Instructor Bio

Heron Alicia is a bilingual nanny for a Spanish/English speaking family, and she exclusively speaks Spanish with the children she cares for (ages 2 and 8), in order to help them retain the language.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Washington, and has experience working with kids as a camp counselor and assistant circus arts instructor. She is also a very excited “future parent” and is passionate about raising healthy, happy kids who stand up for themselves, listen to others, are confident in who they are and could be, set healthy boundaries, show care for all humans and animals, and know how to let go and have fun, among many other important things! Language is one of the many ways that we can view our world from a different perspective. By learning another language, we gain new insights that we did not have before. We are also able to welcome more people into our circles through openness and genuine human connection. Heron feels that it is important to always strive to be open to other perspectives, and to never stop learning.

Additionally, Heron is in the process of starting up her own dance and fitness business with the goal of making positive change in the world. She believes that dance and physical activity can greatly combat anxiety and depression, and art through dance can help us to heal ourselves and others. She teaches Fusion Belly Dance, Unmata I.T.S., and dance fitness classes in Bellingham, WA and soon Ferndale, WA, and she is studying to become a Personal Fitness Trainer with the goal of making significant positive change in specific areas of the fitness industry. 

Her end-all-be-all goal is to cultivate more joy and strength for individuals and communities, through dance.