Shimmy to it


Saturday mornings, 9:30-10:30 am

Heron Alicia Dance and Fitness

(360) 318-6468
$50 for 5-week session OR

$15 for drop-in class OR

$135 for 15-week discount punch card (good for 1-year, you can come anytime!)

Find joy in dance, music, movement, rhythm, strength and community, and Shimmy To It! Learn, hone and layer your shimmies and isolations; improve coordination and strength; practice keeping time/rhythm with the body; and improve your physical and mental health through musical expression. This class is open level! New, intermediate and advanced dancers welcome, with any variety of dance and fitness backgrounds. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to challenge yourself! 

This class will provide an enjoyably sweaty workout through a mix of fusion belly dance, variety of shimmies and body isolations, bodyweight strength training exercises and basic stretching. A notebook will be provided and you will have the option to participate in several goal-setting activities with an emphasis on SELF-CARE and IMPROVEMENT, instead of perfection (hint, no such thing as perfection…or perhaps our definition could use some shifts!). 


Our class environment welcomes all intersecting identities including all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, spoken languages, countries of origin, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, disabilities and abilities. 

Please wear yoga pants or comfy, stretchy clothing, and bring a water bottle. 

About Instructor:

Current certifications: Certified I.T.S. Instructor, S.I.G.I.L. Certification, and Belly Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment Certification.

Heron Alicia is a fusion dancer and a certified Unmata ITS teacher. She has been studying dance for over 8 years, has over 7 years of strength training experience and has dedicated her time to improving the world through dance, movement, and fitness for health and happiness, one interaction at a time. She sees dance as a language. When words fall can intentionally fill the gap and evoke healthy change, if we put the energy into it. 

Heron Alicia began her dance journey in her hometown: Bellingham, WA.  After studying with Maggie Rose for several years, Heron moved to Seattle to study Spanish at the University of Washington and began taking dance classes with Dahlia Moon. She also explored dance through several study abroad programs. In Spain, she studied with a local Flamenco teacher, while working toward becoming fluent in Spanish. In Mexico, she participated in a program called Dance as a Social Technology. While learning about the political and economical dynamics in the city of Oaxaca, she continued to develop her perspectives on the power of dance. She has traveled and continued her dance education by seeking out workshop and intensive opportunities from many professional dance instructors, including Amy Sigil, the creator of Improvisational Tribal Style (Unmata/Hot Pot ITS), and April Rose, creator of Belly Dance Cohesion. Currently, she dances in Dahlia’s ITS troupe, On Deck, and teaches several dance classes at La Vida Dance Studio, including Funky Fusion, Shimmy To It, and Level 1 Hot Pot I.T.S. (Improvisational Tribal Style).

Additionally, she is studying to become a Personal Fitness Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and is passionate about helping individuals feel comfortable and strong in their bodies, develop a healthy relationship with exercise, and learn sustainable exercise habits and good form to increase happiness and avoid injury. The most important part of this is working toward loving and accepting the body you are in! She is most passionate about bodyweight strength training, weight training, and HIIT. On top of utilizing exercise as cross-training for dance, she loves to feel strong and use exercise as a tool to reduce anxiety and depression.

Feel free to contact her with questions or comments. She is available for private lessons and her class schedule can be found at Instagram: @heronaliciadance
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